#Snowman #SnowmanChallenge #California #Love for the #Holidays

So I thought it would be cool if different cities in Cali or the US or the world made snowman statues and each one was unique to that culture of group I thought it would be cool. So I tried to draw that. Didn’t work out as planned but it’s done. Stay up. All LOVE. Enjoy your thanksgivings. Stay Positive. Stay Cre8n. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thanks.



#Gifts #Galore and more in #24 for #jcaaec

Be thankful. Be grateful. To the gifted and more gifted, give thanks todos los dias(All the days). But you have every right to decide who you want to share your gift with. If people treat you badly and try to bully you into sharing DONT. Keep creating just a message to the creatives. If a person or group deems your art not good move on and keep searching until you find people who love your work as much as U do. It will take time but you’ll find your creatives and those that like what you do. In the meantime stay UP and withhold from the non-deserving, criticizing, false-shaming, and blaming folks. You say why not share a Loving GOD has blessed U(True) and U would share with a Tyrannical ungrateful group…Nope. Peace. U say what about the karmic debt from not using your gifts. You did use them but you were just selective, Big Difference. Peace. Jefe and Jefa, thanks. ALL Thanks.


#Gifts by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

God(some call it source) has blessed many of us with gifts. Some of us can see and feel things physically and spiritually and not know why. God has given many of us gifts and yet we doubt the gifts because of negative reinforcement from others that FEAR or SEE your gifts as a threat. To all the talented, gifted, intuitive, people in the world, trust your GUT, and trust your GIFT. GOD gives the gift. Dont be a scared. Lol. Go Cr8. Love yah all. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks again. Only one post per week for a while I need to really learn some new things in order to be a better Creative. Okay, I was just being lazy. Location scouting next. For Mustang Lane: Route 66. Yeaaaaaaa.  Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias. Gracias.  Se si puede.

@Kendalljenner #Look #Kendall #Puppet #Thriller #storytelling #HalloweenArt for #jcaaec

So thought it would be funny or cool if you had Kendall Jenner as a model in the daytime….but when the moon comes out she turns into a Hungry Puppet Killer….so you have models in the daytime and then at night she morphs into this…Silly concept..I should have thought this one thru…whatever…thats the idea..now peace….Thanks God, Universe, Muses, and thanks for eyes to see all the Beauty in the world, Too much Beauty, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you.  Plus the ones who do..thank you, may your generation and the generations after be eternally blessed…Thanks from my creations as well, if I can figure out how to monetize these concepts then of course I\ll be able to bless and be blessed and bless and be blessed and the cycle continues…thanks again, Grateful, thankful and humble, learning servant, JJ.

Sorry Kendall if its not up to par, I’m trying, give me some time.