#Snowman #SnowmanChallenge #California #Love for the #Holidays

So I thought it would be cool if different cities in Cali or the US or the world made snowman statues and each one was unique to that culture of group I thought it would be cool. So I tried to draw that. Didn’t work out as planned but it’s done. Stay up. All LOVE. Enjoy your thanksgivings. Stay Positive. Stay Cre8n. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thanks.



#Saint #Nick #Drip around the trip for #jcaaec

So some people in this world stand to receive some pretty significant blessings. Choose wisely and use the proceeds in a way to some how help humanity as a whole. But I can’t tell U what to do with your earnings. But if you have some excess then please dont hesitate to give to the less fortunate. Stay Humble, Happy, Healthy and Hungry. Stay Studying and Love your Craft.  God thanks. Muses thanks. All thanks.