Dr. Le Trois had 2 gloves for #jcaaec

Dr. Le Trois flew directly from Paris and is learning the game of baseball. Someone threwww 11 balls at him and told him to swing for the fences le nigger. Dr. Le trois put your gloves away and try to paint a picture. Dr. Le Trois showed up today and joined the jcaaec Universe. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank you. Peace.



Lil #Ricoflex and Lil #Ricaflex and creating buildings that are alive for #jcaaec

Lil RicoFlex and Lil RicaFlex are trying to build a building that’s alive. Carlos reminded Lil RicoFlex and Lil Ricaflex that they can DOOOOO it. Si se puede. Well that’s it. To the creatives of the world keep creating and do what you feel in your heart to create. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Flaquita again. Smiles.


#MarcusMuscle still had the hustle for #jcaaec #newkids


Marcus Muscle still had the Hustle. I wonder what society would look like if we masculinzed taking care of your kids. That would be an interesting place. Just as much as you pump weights you spend time with your children. It looks like Marcus Muscle has two new babies on the way. Marcus how many kids do you have. Marcus responds,” As long as I take care of all of them that’s all that matters.  Some more food for thought. GOD, Universe, Muses, peace.


Lil #Ricoflex is reading and learning for #jcaaec

Lil RicoFlex is studying the legislative process and what it takes to get issues put on a ballot. Carlos reminds lil ricoflex to keep playing videogames and stay in his lane. God, Universe, Muses, thanks, I’m trying to learn some new drawing skills let’s see how this works out. Peace.


Look at the #Horsey he’s walking on water for #jcaaec

I didn’t have enought time to draw like I wanted too but I just did a little doodle about a horse walking on the water. Winjoy. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Peace.


#Rianess #Runtime #Funtime #rhyme for #jcaaec

I was trying to create another character and I was able to do this but I had touble with some parts of the character but for now. She’s apart of the jcaaec Universe. Lol. Stay, Happy, Healthy, Humble, and Helpful (when you can). GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks.  She kind of low-key looks like Rhianna.


#LilRicoFlex is riding his #skateboard to the store and #LilRicaFlex is studying more #Spanish verbs for #jcaaec

Lil RicaFlex and Lil RicoFlex are staying busy. Lil RicoFlex is playing outside and decided to head to the store and LilRicaFlex is staying at home and reading up on her Spanish. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank You. Peace.