#Popeye by #illustrator #cartoonist #ECSegar

Once a week or a few days a week I pay homage to the cartoonists and illustrators that came before me or are present now. So today Popeye is center stage and he’s the man. Thanks E.C. Segar for having love in your heart to create Popeye. Popeye we love you.  Thanks Muses for inspiring E.C. Segar and I ask that you continue to inspire myself and other creatives as well.  Thank You.

Popeye the sailor-E.C. Segar-creator
Popeye the sailor-E.C. Segar-creator

#PinkFluffMuff is another #character demanding release into the creative/physical world so she was given #birth-#JCAAEC

PinkFluffMuff is a new character that demanded expression into and out of the creative arts workshop.  She was released. No characters were harmed in the release of this production. Maybe a few egos but it wasn’t on purpose.  That’s it. Then this knight showed up with a sword is that you Templlllarrrr? Winjoy.


PinkFluffMuff-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec-animation project
pinkfluffmuff-jcaaec-james creative arts and entertainment company

#Lemron The #Conartist is doing his #conman dance and loving it by Aniamtor Jamaal R. James

Lemron is here have no fear. He’ll con you without shedding a tear  Lemron is keeping a balance in the world.  Lemron loves you but he loves himself more.  Lemron is a reminder to all of us if something is shiny it probably isn’t good for you. But on another note, thank goodness for the greats before me that dedicated and took the time to really learn the skill of animation.  That’s it.