Look at the #Horsey he’s walking on water for #jcaaec

I didn’t have enought time to draw like I wanted too but I just did a little doodle about a horse walking on the water. Winjoy. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Peace.


#Rianess #Runtime #Funtime #rhyme for #jcaaec

I was trying to create another character and I was able to do this but I had touble with some parts of the character but for now. She’s apart of the jcaaec Universe. Lol. Stay, Happy, Healthy, Humble, and Helpful (when you can). GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks.  She kind of low-key looks like Rhianna.


#LilRicoFlex is riding his #skateboard to the store and #LilRicaFlex is studying more #Spanish verbs for #jcaaec

Lil RicaFlex and Lil RicoFlex are staying busy. Lil RicoFlex is playing outside and decided to head to the store and LilRicaFlex is staying at home and reading up on her Spanish. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank You. Peace.



#LaCremaLoca and #Duksharko are a dynamic duo running up the score for #jcaaec

So I was doodling the other day and LaCremaLoca and Duksharko manifested themselves and they are good to some and bad to others but all in all they do more good then bad. LaCremaLoca always has Duksharko’s back and he in turn has her’s. I just need to create the world that they live in it’s obivously some science fiction or speculative fiction concept. I guess we shall see. Stay up and Pray up but work up. GOD, universe, muses, thanks. Stay Healthy, Hungry, Happy, Humble, and Helpful.




#Cattycat was created today and she was doing some moves for #jcaaec

So I was watching some gesture drawing videos and then I saw some cats and made some cat gestures. That’s it for now. Stay safe in this rain and stay in your lane. GOD Bless. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Keep Creating. Thank U.


#Atlantis World:Kyronn and Sephina escape King Tyronus for #jcaaec

Kyronn and Sephina have spent most of their lives underwater in Atlantis World. One day they decided that they will walk because they are tired of going on land and then having to rush back into the water. Kyronn and Sephina experiment with different types of walking styles until finally they master the style that allows them to stay on land for a few hours. Soon Kyronn and Sephina tell friends and family members that they can survive above the surface using the same technique. King Tyronus finds out about the duo and sends RexaRouarus’s to eat and destroy Kyronn and Sephina. A friend tips Kyronn and Sephina that the king released the Rexarouraus’s to eat the two. Kyronn and Sephina escape to land but now have to be selective with what words they speak because King Tronus has ordered all mouth constraints to be activated. So Kyronn and Sephina have made it to a new land but now but figure how to communicate effectively with the mouth constraints on.  Now we sit back and watch Kyronn and Sephina survive in Atlantis World.

So this theme came to me this morning when I started to draw. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U. Peace.