#GenieKat granting #wishes by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

GenieKat has came out of her lam and is granting wishes. Yayyyyyy. That’s it started to draw then this showed up. Thanks Muses. Peace. Humble servant. Here. Haven’t drawn the buoy concept it’s still sitting in my head need to perfect it. Added a balancing floating/rotating device so it stays near the surface in crazy storms.


#Nurse #Perfect #Before #After the shift by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Here we have Nurse perfect and she’s working her behind off. Before the shift she calms herself for the crazy day ahead. Then after she’s handled all the stresses of all of her patients she does it again the next day. Thank you to all the nurses, doctors and nurse practitioners of the world that take of the sick, ill, and injured, everyday all day day and night rain or shine, happy or sad. Thank You. Oh, men can do these jobs as well but its predominately a woman dominated field. but thank you 2. So next time you visit your hopsital and in take nurse is rude or short with you dont take it personal. She or he been dealing with the pain and suffering of others all day long. So remember that next time. That’s all Muses thanks for images, words and ideas. Stay humble, stay hungry, your servant JJ.



#Rockaroundtheclock #illustration by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

So I was thinking about the song then drawed a physical version of what that would look like.  That’s all.  Thank You Muses for the awesomeness you allow me and humbly display to me. Thank You.

rock around the clock-james creative arts and entertainment company-jcaaec

#20 #Faces of #Lighbulbs by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #JCAAEC

In these awesome out of this world renowned art by that artist named Jamaal we have a amazing idea of a light bulb.  That’s it. A light bulb. Now light up your life with new great ideas and imaginings and keep going kidd!!!!!!

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Ideas come and go and go and come but inspiration comes you must jump on it. JCAAEC

#20 #Faces of #Dreams by #illustrator #imagination Jamaal R. James for #JCAAEC

This is 20 drawings of faces that are pretty cool.  The best way to do it all is to bot do it all. What bot do it all. Oh no.  Well ever mind the time.  J

Just some sketches for fun until later on….

~illustrator Jamaal R. James

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JCAAEC Drawing Faces for Film, Animation and live action by Film Director Jamaal R. James

#20 #Faces of Pope #Clement The Vth by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So after working on 20 faces i realized that I need to work more on my timing for animation. But not only that I need to work on spatial development and pizza eats as well plus donuts and HAMBURGERS. Lol. Nope I’m just hungry right now but gotta stay Healthy. Later.

Cartoonist Jamaal R. James drawed this wonderful collage of Pope Clement v.
20 Faces of Pope Clement the Vth by Cartoonist Jamaal R. James for JCAAEC.