Screamy Scary Dreamy Test Video #1 by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

So I am working on practical effects for the first feature film put on by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.  This little clip is close to but not really but kind of is related to the project.  But I realized there are some very powerful creative tools to use for film such as Red Giant and After Effects.  Well glad these tools are available and happy to see them put to good use.  I can always use an extra hand so any talented motion graphics artists slash (pun intended) video editors out there drop me a line on twitter. Thanks. @jcaaec   For now herrrrrrreeeeeeeeee’s this……


Are you #Pregnant full of #ideas? By Creative Director Jamaal R. James

So here we have a person that’s pregnant full of ideas. It’s just a metaphor and a reminder to ourselves once you have an idea give birth to it.  some aren’t fully developed so they they need love time and energy given to them so that they can grow.  Others are strong enough to run off on their own.  but whatever it is keep going.  As creatives you get discouragaed and tired and mad fun of and hated on.  But it’s all apart of the process of growth and change.  Grant Cardone has a great video on haters as well.  So watch it and enjoy and keep creating.  Some ideas you can share others don’t until you’ll ready for them to be smashed and beat up.  That’s all see yah on the creative side.

Are you pregnant full of ideas?

Pregnant Idea Man created by Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Children’s literature: Mad Cherry the Chestnut Fights the Water by illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here’s another children’s book concept about a cherry chestnut that stays mad and always tries to pick fights with water.  Mad Cherry Chestnut is a funny little nut but he has many lessons to learn from water.  On that note maybe and be grateful for everyday you are given… what you LOVE.  ~illustrator Jamaal R. James


Mad Cherry Children's Book Concept art created by illustrator Jamaal R. James

Mad Cherry Children’s book concept art created by Children’s illustrator Jamaal R. James

#Coffee Up and Brownie Down Concept Art by #Cartoonist Jamaal R. James

This is a little funny sketch about a coffee and a brownie, and they have fallen in love.  But that’s not all folks they taste yummy too.


James creative arts and entertainment company is cool and learns to stay up at night

This is a creative arts piece about a brownie and a cup of coffee. Jcaaec

#Shoe #Soup #mouf Concept art by Cartoonist Jamaal R. james

So I was playing around with concept art and characters for another creative arts project and this little jewel showed up.  Sorry for not posted as much but I am working the kinks out of this new idea I’m working on until next time people.  Jamaal R .James

Shoe Sou Mouf isn't bullet prrof but he wont be a sppok either.

The level of genius displayed by this creative arts company is truly ingenius.

#Flygirl100 #wingless #puppet #bird rented a pair of wings to fly across #town by #Creative #Director Jamaal R. James

Flygirl100 rented some wings from a wing rental shop and know she’s flying around town looking for a golden egg.  If you see her tell her to keep looking and she’ll find that egg she’s been looking for in no time.

Flygirl100 is the best and she's a great navigator and we all learn from her. Created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.

Flygirl100 is a funny friend and she rented a pair of wings at the wing shop, she was created to remind kids that some things are unexplainable. Jcaaec

Flygirl100 is a smart bird and has a golden goose tracker. Sh'es going to collect all of her eggs.

We love you flygirl100 keep all striving girl we know you can do it. Created by Jamaal R. James