#FoxBerry was in #Rialto but looked like #PaloAlto dont #sleep on the #IE

FoxBerry was in Rialto but looked like Palo Alto. She had the juice and the drip and they were willing to take any risk to pay the price to be the BOSS. Beauty is everywhere. Are you looking? Wow. Just. Blessed. Be grateful for the many blessings you have and LOVE yourself. Don’t internalize others negative emotions and energy that they try to dump in your life. But to all the FOXBerry’s of the World, keep doing your thing and making the WORLD go round. Watermelons are good for your heart and keep hundreds of those employed in the U.S. and around the World. Thank You All. FoxBerry is a fictional character that will one day appear in a film or science fiction piece of short work. Peace, Be positive, keep GOD number 1 or numero uno. God, Universe, Muses, thank you. Peace or Teace. What’s a teace? Until next time Teace. Teace in my world means until next time I see you.


#Dribbling #Maurcio #Soccer by #MrLearn2Cr8 for #jcaaec

So  Dribbling Maurcio played soccer then scored a goal and then did a dance cause he had sauce, juice, swag and the DRIP. That’s it. GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOaaaallllllllllllll! All Love.

GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Stay Humble and Hungry Folks.


Iamsu Only that Real feat Sage the Gemini 2 Chainz


So on the internet search as I usually do then found this video. I like the use of animation in the video and the perfect use of timing. Pretty well done. The song is very mellow as well but also has a lot of energy. The music (to me) makes you relax and you can be playing video games or just sitting back during a party relaxing with friends and family. I aspire to create these types of videos with the future artists that will be coming out of James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company. Enjoy.



I was on the page to the link to the video and saw this dance done by a fan and decided to add it. Enjoy. So that’s what kids these days do when they ask for a pass to the bathroom. LOL.

Nae Nae New Hot Dance by We are Toonz


So preparing for a dj gig and going thru my clients playlist and found this song. Thought it was pretty hot. Then youtubed it. Everyone is going crazy over this song. So posted it. As it deals mostly with spontaneous creativity.  You stand in the middle then dance, well its better if you watch the video. Plus there’s tons of tutorials online. Another key theme is to engage the audience while you dance. That’s it. James Creative arts & entertainment out.