Lil #Ricoflex and Lil #Ricaflex were taking the #Dalmatians for a walk for #jcaaec

Lil Ricoflex and Lil Ricaflex took the new dalmatians that Carlos brought them for a walk. The Dalmatians were happy to be free. Lil Ricoflex is going to work on the turbo booster again. The baby is chilling and lifting baby bottles for strength. Carlos and Anatascia are on a play date so Lil Rico and Lil Rica are in charge. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks.



Lil #Ricoflex and Lil #Ricaflex and creating buildings that are alive for #jcaaec

Lil RicoFlex and Lil RicaFlex are trying to build a building that’s alive. Carlos reminded Lil RicoFlex and Lil Ricaflex that they can DOOOOO it. Si se puede. Well that’s it. To the creatives of the world keep creating and do what you feel in your heart to create. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Flaquita again. Smiles.


Lil #Ricoflex is watching the #Tejano Selena story for #jcaaec

Lil RicoFlex was watching the Selena Movie “The Tejano Selena” and then he got sad. Then he watched LA Bamba after that. He was watching back to back sad ones. Carlos reminded Lil RicoFlex to focus on the positive, yes son don’t ignore the tradegies of life. But don’t dwell there kidd, it’s not healthy long term. Then Lil Ricoflex started to work on his skateboard and turbo skills. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. GOD. Deuces.


Carlos rented a jumper for the #Familia for #jcaaec

Carlos rented a jumper for the family to have some fun time. They tryed to form a family pyramid. That’s it. Lil Ricoflex switched his gear up because he’s been watching b boy videos and he’s going to start breakdancing or at least trying. Lol. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks again. Peace.


Lil #Ricoflex is jumping out the frame and staying in his lane for #jcaaec

Lil Ricaflex bet Lil Ricoflex that he couldn’t jump the hood of a car. So Lil Ricoflex took up her challenge and jumped the hood of one of Carlos’s cars. Lil Ricoflex you are too cool dude. Stay up. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U. Peace.


#LilRicoFlex and #LilRicoFlex are taking #Familia pictures for #Easter for #jcaaec

LilRicoFlex and LilRicaFlex are taking family pictures for Easter. To bad it’s raining outside but not inside. LOL. Thank You. Lil RicaFlex is working on a new clothing line and Lil RicoFlex is trying to figure out the turbo problem still. I guess one day they’ll figure it out. But for now they keeps guessing. Lil RicoFlex and Lil RicoFlex, Carlos, his wife, and the baby on behalf of the future employees of jcaaec we LOVE U. Thanks for helping jcaaec come to life.  GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U>



#LilRicoFlex is riding his #skateboard to the store and #LilRicaFlex is studying more #Spanish verbs for #jcaaec

Lil RicaFlex and Lil RicoFlex are staying busy. Lil RicoFlex is playing outside and decided to head to the store and LilRicaFlex is staying at home and reading up on her Spanish. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank You. Peace.



Carlos is leading #LilRicoFlex and #LilRicaFlex in #bikeraces for #jcaaec

Carlos decided to motivate LilRicaFlex and LilRicoFlex by having them race one another on bikes. He teaches both of them to step up to the plate and join the race whether you win or lose. He reminded them that all the people you see winning in life weren’t always winning. But they kept showing up and they got better at their chosen craft and kept going. LilRicaFlex you don’t be scared to try and go after what you want in life, Baby. LilRicoFlex you better not be chilling on the sideline when it comes to getting what you want in life. LilRicoFlex okay Dad, LilRicaFlex replies Okay, Daddy. Then CArlos raises his checkered flag and says, “Listo, Vamos!”




#Carlos makes #LilRico and #LilRica study #art and #design for #jcaaec

Carlos makes LilRico and LilRica study art and design. They get mad but he explains the importance of understanding different fields that have nothing to do with you. He breaks down understanding the basics and how that allows you to do more once the foundation is strong. Which made me think about the structural integrity of building and what not. As long as the foundation was strong you could build an design buildings in anyway you saw fit. But that doesn’t  happen unless you meet the standarized design and limits of the city planners in your city allow. Once again the struggle between what’s possible and what’s allowed. Stay up. Stay Healthy, Happy, and Humble. GOD, Universe, Muses, thank U.