#Workplace #Office Film Office Cukkeltics directed by Jamaal R. James

This is a really cool new poster……for the short film project Office Cukkeltics about some employees dealing with an out of control boss. ┬áSo if you like dark comedy and indie productions, or just like to laugh at others misery, look no further than Office Cukkeltics.

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Now Get to work was repeated by Mr. Makeum Breakum to his subordinates at Widgets Incorporated (an it company) copyright James Creative arts And entertainment Company. jcaaec

The Best Movies About Offices

Just searching online about Office Movies and came across this great article. Some of the films were made before I was even born. Yes. I Know. Well this makes for a Great Read. It would be awesome for the film about the film about Office politics called Office Cukkeltics to make it on this list. Talk about humbling. Well unit next time. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.