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How to Make a Mask Tutorial by Stan Winston’s School of Character Arts


This is another great tutorial video from Stan Winston’s school of Character arts, about how to make character masks, which I find extremely fascinating. Enjoy.


Secrets of the Creative Mind by Nancy Andreasen

This is a very good article about the inner workings of the Creative Mind of human beings. It tells lots of stories. It looks like its a special one hour special that’s going to be on PBS news. So, dont be a shyah, check it out.

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Will Smith Keys to Life Running and Reading

Good Morning. Good Morning. Goooooodddd Morning. So woke up this day and decided to listen and play this video from Will Smith talking about staying motivated and running and how when we run we silence the inner critic that says it cant be done. Because each step we take is a yes, that it can be done, whatever that goal may be. Well enjoy. Jamaal for James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.

One Balloon Teddy Bear by Balloon Animals

So online researching like I do and did. LOL. Came across this video about making one balloon animal bears. So sit back relax and enjoy. This looks easy but it actually takes hours and hours of practice to make sense or show the results that you want.