Powaharaとセクハラ Powahara and Sekuhara オフィスHumilation Office Cukkeltics “The Game”

So reading online about different cultures and how things work in different countries and started to read article about Power and Sexual Harrassment in Japan. It was pretty interesting. I was surprised by the fact that this is so prevalent in such a successful product environment. So I was reading and this appears to be a common practice. Read this article, http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/04/23/power-harrassment-in-japans-police-force-blamed-for-officers-suicide/

I was trying to figure out who might like a movie like Office Cukkeltics Vimeo on demand. But then a bell went off. ring, Ring, Ring, maybe someone dealing with this type of environment on a regular basis. This seems to be very prevalent read this article. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/01/22/two-japanese-police-sergeants-arrested-for-kissing-female-officers-and-demanding-they-swap-clothes-police-were-immediately-on-the-scene/

Office Cukkeltics "The Game" Movie Poster produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
Office Cukkeltics “The Game” Movie Poster produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Ofisu Cukkeltics jēmuzukurieitibuāto& entāteimento-sha-sei no `ge ​​ ̄mu’ eiga posutā オフィスCukkelticsジェームズクリエイティブアート&エンターテイメント社製の「ゲ​​ーム」映画ポスター

Office Cukkeltics ” The Game” Lovely, Awesome, and Funny Cast

Hello Everyone. Meet the Lovely Cast of Office Cukkeltics “The Game”. Yes, Yes, we had a blast making this film there was a lot of silly scenes and fun that was had by all. This will most likely be available in a week. So let’s see what happens. In the meantime…enjoy your day, and thanks for supporting another one of James Creative Arts and Entertainment’s Film Productions. The backstory and idea and them behind the movie is coming soon. Enjoy.



Office Cukkeltics "The Game" produced by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company
Office Cukkeltics “The Game” produced by James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company







Office Cukkeltics "The Game
Office Cukkeltics “The Game produced by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

One Balloon Teddy Bear by Balloon Animals

So online researching like I do and did. LOL. Came across this video about making one balloon animal bears. So sit back relax and enjoy. This looks easy but it actually takes hours and hours of practice to make sense or show the results that you want.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company New Releases, “The Messenger, Office Cukkeltics, Despacio, soon.

Hello All. Look out for these short films coming to a mobile, tv, or computer screen near you. Just reminding all to be patient as we iron out some kinks and get things going again. Hope all is well. “The Messenger” coming soon, is about a guy that makes messages happen and the choices people make and things that happen after we make our choices for good or for bad. “Office Cukkeltics” is about work place issues of harrassment, discrimination, racism and sexism and how we deal with it all and the choices that we all make on our jobs. “Despacio is about the times when we should slow down to see what we are doing and breath and see how our actions are having a effect on those around us. Nothing less, nothing more, until then, gonna keep watching these animatronics videos, and writing these future sci-fi scripts. Thanks again. Jamaal R. James.

Learning Animatronics One step at a time




So looking for courses online and came across this website for Animatronics that has some pretty interesting facts and ideas for hold to build animatronics and the likes of it all. The videos are relatively inexpensive in relation to the amount of information and experience that your being provided with. Well enjoy your life, Love it, Live it, Have a Great Day.