3 Junior #Knights and the Angry Green Giant in #Rialto Heights for #jcaaec

This is a short film concept that can be expanded on. Its about 3 kids who have to defend the special sandwich recipe that their grandma gave them before she passed away. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks. Stay up. Stay Ballin Stay true, stay U. Lol. Peace.



Lil #RicoFlex’s #Dad Carlos is going for a ride on his horse in Countryside for #jcaaec

Carlos Flex (RicoFlex’s Dad) is riding his horse (Cabello) in the Fontana Hills and Bloomington Mountains. He is thinking about taking up rock climbing as the Fontana Hills and Bloomington Mountains have some also rock climbing surfaces. Carlos likes to ride his horse and relax and enjoy the countryside. Carlos Flex is thinking about when he had Anatasia’s hair done into braids people were contacting his business and asking for braids to be done for the business. Carlos Flex thought to himself that’s odd because we don’t offer braids as a service. GOD, Universe, Muses, Thank U. Stay up.

Rico-Flex-pop's-riding-his horse-jcaaec