#GiftGalore on the #shore and #dinnerplate dont be late by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Ha, Ha, Funny, this young woman showed up today and looked like a gift and a treat and a beat, and a rhyme, and a time, and a mime, and a fly, and a sigh, and a dry, and a burst, and a murst, and a furst, that’s it. God, Universe, Muses, Thanks. Stay up. Eyes, Ears, Knowns, Unknown, thanks. Appreciate the gifts you have and blessings in your life. don’t take people for granted especially your loved ones. don’t forget the people who helped you achieve success and the people on your journey who took a risk on you. Of course when your Winning it’s easy for everyone to see the dream but when your losing down and out and down 50 points in the third quarter. that’s the keeper. Peace. Humble learning servant. JJ.

Thanks to the toxic men in the world who rolled the dice on their ideas and created jobs for a few, 1000’s and millions. Thanks for using your masculine courage to create this Awesome ass place that I get to live in. Hopefully it stays that way. Either way this is America. I ain’t going No WHere. PEace.


Wizardly Words of Creative Wisdom by Electramorhipism for all Risk Takers Worldwide

Electramorhipism’s Wizardly Words of Wisdom


James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company Electramorhipism
This is a meme created by Electramorhipism for James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company. The meme is called Wizardly Words of Wisdom.

Motivational Video on Fear

Enjoy this short film about success, and fear, and the things that hold us back and slow us down. Well I hope this inspires someone, as much as it has inspired me. Thanks to all involved in the creation of this video. Goodnight for now. James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company out.