Screamy Scary Dreamy Test Video #1 by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

So I am working on practical effects for the first feature film put on by James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company.  This little clip is close to but not really but kind of is related to the project.  But I realized there are some very powerful creative tools to use for film such as Red Giant and After Effects.  Well glad these tools are available and happy to see them put to good use.  I can always use an extra hand so any talented motion graphics artists slash (pun intended) video editors out there drop me a line on twitter. Thanks. @jcaaec   For now herrrrrrreeeeeeeeee’s this……


#Screamy #scary #Dreamy Logo Design Concept #1

So this is the first logo creation that I came up with for the first feature film for our company.  It’s rough like roughabite but it well get better.

Screamy Scary Dreamy Feature Film

Screamy Scary Dreamy Logo Design by Creative Director Jamaal R. James