#Roads #Shortfilm by #MrLearn2Cr8 for #jcaaec

So was driving the other day and saw this bike then thought in life at times we are on our own roads. Some paths merge others depart but it’s apart of the process. So whatever road your traveling stay on it. you chose that path for better or worse and enjoy life while your on your way to achieving your goals. GOD, Universe, Muses, thanks, stay Humble and Hungry. Peace.


#TigerBowlman #animation short film by film director Jamaal R. James for jcaaec

Here we have a tigerbowlman that is pinning around and winning around and that’s about it kidd.  Looking for more coming from this growing creative arts company.  See yah soon or on the other side. jj out.


#Cookie #Knight and the #Mad for No reason #Milk Jug directed by Jamaal R. James

This is the follow up to the concept art that popped into my head on friday so enjoy.  It’s about a little cookie that’s being chased a milk or water jug who knows. But it pretty funny. check it.  The original cookie design was too heavy for the original character so the style had to be modified but it worked well.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

#Mime #Paper #Chase by #creativeartist Jamaal R. James for JCAAEC

This is a mime and he’s trying to find a paper or I think he may have lost a piece of paper. Well see what happens next.  Learning is fun and can be done.  Thanks again Lorin.  Just getting started waiting to attend another class.  The story is simple but works.  No more talkies just listen.

#Green Little #Horsey Got All of the #Swag directed by #Creative #director Jamaal R. James #liveaction

This is a test of a low budget film about a little horsey that could and his knight who was always trying to catch him but couldn’t. Dang horsey. Thats gonna be a song called Green Little Horse got All of the Swag. Look for it in 2020.

~creative director Jamaal R. James 2016.

#Lemron The #Conartist Vs. #DonutWorld 1.1 #Shortfilm #Videogame #concept directed by #filmdirector Jamaal R. James

In this mini video game series concept we see Lemron the Conartist on the prowl looking for his newest con. Only thing is he can’t find someone need to con. Oh well, while Lemron is looking for his new con Donut Man is dancing around in anticipation of Donut World 3 that’s coming to a online video game site soon. Enjoy.