The Walk short film directed by Visionary Film Director Jamaal R. James

So as we all know suicide is no joking matter and has devasted many people and families in the past and present. So I wanted to explore these concepts and see if I could convey them in a film. So this short film called, “The Walk” is about a guy that decides to go for a walk while thinking about ending his life. The film stars Cartrell Daniels as Flex. So enjoy and have a wonderful day. Well its almost enjoy this first clip. If you need help or someone to talk to regarding this please call 1-800-273-8255


The Walk a short story directed by Film director Jamaal R. James

So the Holidays are here and upon us…this season and many people tend to get depressed due to Love ones not being around or not being able to buy presents and a host of other this short film was made to discuss the emotions and feelings involved. This is a mini clip but the real film is around the corner. If you are experiencing any of these emotions..please don’t hesitate to call…. 1-800-237-8255.