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So watching swimming again instead of swimming again (or trying for that matter). But the human body is very graceful and fluid, sounds weird but the human body in motion is an actual work of art. Seeing people who have perfected the talent given to them is nothing short of a miracle. When you see the 80 year old person next to you driving that’s a miracle. Ever eaten good food from a backyard neighborhood chef, miracles, eaten at a 6 star restaurant, yes again, miracle. Watch a show that moved you emotionally, miracles, had a friend be there for you when you hit rock bottom or a complete stranger help you when you were flat broke for no other reason than to help, yup, miracle. Which brings me to another point a few years ago in college a few friends and I had gone fishing and we were on our way back we all fell asleep (including the driver) we were on a road and then we were headed right towards an old oak tree. About 20 feet before swerving off the road and straight into the tree we were all woken up. The driver swerved and I am still here to type this message. So whatever Angel that stopped that calamity from happening thank you. Many other calamity’s have been diverted in my LIFE some unseen Angels and people. So thank you onĀ  a Universal scale and I have paid it forward and will continue to pay it forward. Thank You. Thanks for the gift of creativity. Never be ashamed of your gifts or creations. They were given to you for a reason. But you aren’t your creation. GOD Bless.