#Mime plays with a #Magic box created by Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Mimes are cool and mimes can and teach us more.  This silly mime is playing with a little box.  Please someone tell me why we can’t see the mimes hands and only see feet.  What’s that all about?

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James


The Game Of Sand (Film): The Matador Moor Film Scene directed by Jamaal R. James

So I just decided to share this little snippet/clippet from the film. The Matador Moor is looking for the Mannequinna, but can’t find her. Would you want him to find you? Lol. Well enjoy the clip and have a wonderful day. This edition of The Matador Moor was played by Cartrell Daniels and the Mannequinna by Reka Rene.