The #Windy #Window #Shortfilm by #FilmDirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Couldn’t sleep last night then started to write and then the words took flight and turned into action.  God, Universe, Muses. Thanks. Eyes, Ears, Knowns, and unknowns, thanks.

In the room he sits staring into the abyss, pacing back and forth looking for a spork, or spark of inspiration, instead of hesitation. But all he can find is a difficult rhyme. a puzzle to solve, a muzzle to fraud, he know’s its tough, you better be quiet, he’s made for this stuff, he’s sees the shadow, maybe he’ll get rattled, from head to toe, You never know, welcome to the show. Winjoy.

#Angelnomore showed up and then tryed toget me to #create more but told her I was tired by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Angelnomore go forth and create your Universe young lady. Thanks God, Universe, Muses, without all of this there would be none of this. Thanks for the sense and nonsense. Thank you for it all. This good and this bad has helped create this company and helped create all of this. Thanks to the family who supported me from day one. Day one. When no one saw and called me crazy, and lazy, and said I look like PAtrick , guesss, it, yes. Swazy. Thanks for believing, and the ones who are too good for me and better than me, thank you as well, as a result I’ll never rest on my laurels and just keep getting better. But I’ll always remember. Thank You. LEarning humble servant, jj. by the way…..shhhhhhhhhhhhh…This is America. (Hashtag)



#AlfredHitchcock #Judge of the #suspence #fanart by #illustrator Jamaal R. James

So watching another Hitchcock film and then thought what if he could mentor you on your projects and tell you where they were great and what parts were lacking. That would be pretty cool. That’s it. Forgive me Hitchcock the drawing isn’t up to par but it’s a start. Thanks again for the Muses and creative freedom to express oneself. Yes, precious freedom.

Judge Alfred Hitchcock-winning-fanart