Vimeo’s New Translation Features

So if your into indie film or development then you have probably already seen this article. The article is from no-film and basically deals with the fact that vimeo offers creators of its on demand service the ability to translate their films… not only can you self publish your film you can the film translated into other languages which opens up a whole other world of possibility for distribution for your films….so creators keep creating and stand by…check out the article by clicking the link below.

Southside Security Patrol Review/Preview

So yes, yes, finishing up editing (finally) Southside Security Patrol……found some free time…yayyyyyy….So here it is check it out these few clips……the whole thing should be done before the weekend. Poster and everything. Just have to make the trailer next and that’s all folks for 2014……I wonder what well do in 2015…? Who knows but for now enjoy the mini clips.

Southside Security Patrol two


Southside Security Patrol was created by Jamaal R. James for James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. All rights reserved 2014.








Trois Like It Hot Set Design by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Trois Like it Hot Just a basic picture of the set design for the short film. First time actually making a set so yay, and hooray for me. Lol. No but it was fun shooting and a good time was had by all. Film clips and bios of actors coming soon. Just have to prepare for an event coming up this weekend. Until next time James Creative Arts and Entertainment Company out.