#DripNanoByte is a #Superhero #Princess that travels the #7 Seas and brings justice when needed by #MrLearn2Cr8 for #jcaaec

Not posting as often because I need to learn some new skills so I don’t produce subpar work. But that’s all for now. Be safe. Stay Humble, Hungry, Healthy, and Happy. Be Blessed and be a Blessing when you can. Enjoy this memorial day weekend. Thank you to all who serve, will serve, and have served. Maybe I’ll be making a short animated cartoon…(GOD-willing) maybe not. For now going to keep writing more screenplays and film concepts.  Thanks GOD, Universe, Muses for the continual flow of intellectual property and gifts and ideas and insights. Now may I be shown the way to monetize them without selling out the GIFT. In time everything. Peace. Thank You all who have helped knowns and unknowns. (In Jamaica accent….BIG UPS!)



#Sirenustyopus started singing her song and I started to run but that was no fun then she caught me so I created her by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

Sirenustyopus took over the screen and started to dream and then she didn’t she started to sing and seduce all the gooses but I wasn’t listening because I was glistening in the snow and watching the grass grow, Bars, bars, Lol. Not really, Well thanks alot for this creation and allowing me to do something in the direction of this Universe. God, Universe, Muses, Thank You, only got to not just do it, just create it, don’t hate it, protect the creative babies, and the ones who do thank you, and the eyes who see and ears who hear thank you, of course you already know in case others didn’t get the Memo. This is AMERICA, AMERICA, MERICA, MERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA. America Vespucci? Who? Water. HP #LOVECraft #Loveyourcraft.


sirenustyopus-jcaaec-where are you again?-Almost forgot-A-M-E-R-I-C-A. #123 #456

#Water and the #water drinks by #illustrator Jamaal r. James for #jcaaec

This was a image that showed  up. Water is good for you. But too much water is not good for you. That’s it. Thanks for the creation Universe, Muses, staying creative. Thanks and thank you plus another double thank you. Thank You. Plus 1000000 more thank you’s for what you do. Thank You.  You know who.

Humble Servant JJ.



Children’s literature: Mad Cherry the Chestnut Fights the Water by illustrator Jamaal R. James

Here’s another children’s book concept about a cherry chestnut that stays mad and always tries to pick fights with water.  Mad Cherry Chestnut is a funny little nut but he has many lessons to learn from water.  On that note maybe and be grateful for everyday you are given…..do what you LOVE.  ~illustrator Jamaal R. James


Mad Cherry Children's Book Concept art created by illustrator Jamaal R. James
Mad Cherry Children’s book concept art created by Children’s illustrator Jamaal R. James