James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company New Releases, “The Messenger, Office Cukkeltics, Despacio, soon.

Hello All. Look out for these short films coming to a mobile, tv, or computer screen near you. Just reminding all to be patient as we iron out some kinks and get things going again. Hope all is well. “The Messenger” coming soon, is about a guy that makes messages happen and the choices people make and things that happen after we make our choices for good or for bad. “Office Cukkeltics” is about work place issues of harrassment, discrimination, racism and sexism and how we deal with it all and the choices that we all make on our jobs. “Despacio is about the times when we should slow down to see what we are doing and breath and see how our actions are having a effect on those around us. Nothing less, nothing more, until then, gonna keep watching these animatronics videos, and writing these future sci-fi scripts. Thanks again. Jamaal R. James.

Creativity Workshop by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

So sitting around figuring out how to make the small company that I started more productive and interactive. Then out of the blue an idea popped into my head that said, why not have creative workshops for kids and teens, and people that want to learn creative things but need a creative push. Hence, tadah, the creative workshop. So okay whats the next step. Well in order to have a creative workshop you need creative people that are skilled to help the unskilled and the semi skilled become skilled (By the way I still consider myself unskilled, but I’m getting better). So on my quest to find the skilled I reached out to the local staff in charge of creative arts in my area and was meant with a resounding No. Or why, why, why, what, who and how? Okay, I get it. How can you do a creative arts workshop and not be an expert. Because I can, and will. Other creative artists will help me. Hence the main goal is to get kids and teens being creative and thinking creatively. That’s not a very difficult feat. So let’s just see how things turn out. Even if only 1 kid shows up to the workshop, it was a success. Nothing great was built over night. It takes years and years, and more years. But this is our start. Winjoy.